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Have you ever wonder how it would be to watch in a first person view the seat that you are about to purchase buy, before actually buying it?  Now you can do it, thanks to 3D SeatMapVR, using a clear, simple and functional interface which integrates in the purchase process.
Get to know, during the purchase, what your seat offers to you, how wide it is, the leg room available, where it is placed related to toilets, to the aisle, the materials it is made of, extras, etc.

What is 3DSeatMapVR?

3DSeatMapVR is a visualization engine that provides the customer with a detailed view from the exact position chosen on a seatmap, both during purchase process or in landing pages like “Our fleet”.

By doing so, it allows users to have a better idea of the space they will have in their seats, materials, A/V equipment, emergency exit or seats with larger space, windows locations, etc.


seat map airplane 3D

3DSeatMapVR supports desktop mode for web browsers, as well as mobile devices and Stereo VR visualization mode. It’s designed to be used in purchase process and landing pages, and also in airport screens and stands.

The implementation process is a very low-invasive one, being very easy to set up and get to production in a short time, once all the 3D models, materials and visual aspects are ready.

Main features

SeatMap3D offers a 3D 360 degrees immersive view, based on detailed virtual models. As we don’t work with photographic environment capture, it makes our product much more flexible to allow changes, updates and modifications like new materials, seats relocation, different lightning setups, etc. Also, by using 3d models, we can get rid of those little imperfections that we don’t want to be shown in the view.

VR mode

In VR mode, 3D SeatMapVR is compatible with all kind of VR glasses. You don’t need more expensive models like HTC Vibe or Oculus Rift, it will work just fine with Google Cardboard. It uses the accelerometer of your smartphone to track the movement of your head and show you the view from the right position.

What does 3D SeatMapVR mean for tickets selling?

3D SeatMapVR radically improves user experience, and help customers to identify the special features of those seats that can be charged with higher price (like Emergency exit seats). 3D SeatMapVR makes the difference to help selling those seats as the contrast  with other standard seats will be absolutely clear.

Besides the increase in sells, this product helps to build a greater loyalty and long-term customer relationships, which is one of the most powerful marketing success in every industry.

But, moreover, 3D SeatMapVR is the future of seat maps. It is a differentiating element in relationships with customers, both during purchase process and during the time that the customers spend in the airport, and it is also the next logic step in seat maps representation.

Now, we can place the customer in the middle of the product that he is buying, and we can show him exactly what he is acquiring, in an incredible immersive environment, perfectly integrated in the purchase process.

The future of seat maps is 3D, and it is VR. The future of seat maps is 3D SeatMapVR.

Demo video

We will attended Future Travel Experience EMEA/Ancillary next 18 – 20 June in Istanbul Congress Center ICC. We will present there our product 3D SeatMapVR, the future of airlines seat maps visualization. Come visit us at booth A127 to enjoy a live demo of our technology!

Our team

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Ricardo Royo


María Cachero


Joaquín Alviz


José A. Cangas

Full Stack Software Architect

Francisco Benítez

Full Stack Developer

Josefer Rodríguez

Full Stack Developer

Marcos Báez

Full Stack Developer

Pedro Morales

Project Manager

Pablo Romero


Ramón Vázquez


Juanma Laranjeira


Carlos Mora


José Feliz


Daniel Valencia

Lead 3D Artist

Nuria Velasco

3D Artist

Pablo Gallego

3D Artist

Alberto Aucha

3D Artist

Belén García

3D Artist

Javier Larraz

VR Developer

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